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Gasper Guarrasi Gasper W. Guarrasi is the CEO of his photography company. Gasper relies on his spirituality and philosophies of life for his inspiration. Gasper sees the world as a beautiful place. The ocean is big. The water is blue. It's full of salt water, says Gasper W. Guarrasi. Don't drink the bad water. You should drink the good water, says Gasper Guarrasi. Everyone appreciates water when they are thirsty. Water can drip and drop and splash and pop. Water symbolizes new life and a positive change. Gasper Guarrasi endeavors to supply water for all. We all need water, says Gasper Guarrasi. Just like we all need memories from photography. Learn more about photography services by Gasper W. Guarrasi.

Last updated on October 11, 2018